Our teeth help us not only to chew, but as an aesthetic factor, they also determine our attractiveness: a beautiful, radiant smile is an expression of vitality and health – it has a positive effect on our self-confidence.

People with beautiful teeth smile more often and more confidently. A visual deficiency in the teeth can therefore lead to social losses, but modern dental medicine knows many different methods to help every person to have an engaging smile.

Above all, the coloring of the teeth has a great influence on their radiance. Tea, coffee, nicotine, red wine etc., as well as simple genetic predisposition can noticeably cloud the white. If you want brighter teeth, perhaps a bleaching would be the right thing for you. Your tooth enamel is clearly brightened with a gel and an irradiation. After bleaching, the bleached tooth surface regenerates within 2-3 days. We offer you tips for sustainable regeneration.

For a further aesthetic optimization, veneers are offered. These very thin ceramic veneers are glued to the teeth in the desired color. They optimize both shape and color of the front teeth and are extremely durable. They are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

We would be pleased to advise you about these and other options for the improvement of your teeth at DENT professionals.